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Aseel platform has been established to be compatible with the Financial Sector Development Program, which came up within the initiatives of Vision 2030. Aseel is thus considered to be the first real estate crowd-investing in Saudi Arabia, in which the real estate sector has a proven track record of driving growth and development. Aseel is a financial technology company that has been licensed by the Capital Market Authority’s (CMA) FinTech Lab. It adopts the crowd-investing model in real estate investment, and it seeks to achieve feasible returns by investing in real estate opportunities.

By investing in real estate opportunities, through the distribution of funds units issued by investment funds established in the Kingdom and offered publicly or privately following the regulations governing that given by the (CMA) to the investors; To ensure that these subscribers exercise their rights as unit owners under the relevant implementing regulations.

All investment opportunities are presented on the platform, including all information that clarifies the status of the real estate opportunity and knowledge that denies ignorance. After that, the investment is made electronically, whereby the investor has specific ownership of the investment units in the opportunity.

Aseel’s platform offers three products in the real estate sector, they are:

Real Estate Development:

Aseel is interested in offering building and construction investment opportunities, such as building residential and commercial complexes where profitability is achieved for subscribers according to a specific time plan and an integrated feasibility study for the project.

Infrastructure Development:

This field is focused on investing in raw lands through establishing their infrastructure, starting with services, utilities, and preparations of the lands. Upon their completion, Aseel will resell them as developed and sustainable lands to comply with Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to operate within the framework of the strategy adopted by His Highness the Crown Prince in the Saudi Green Initiative which made the people its first goal in terms of creating a sustainable environment that provides them with adequate livelihoods.

Income-Producing property:

Income-producing properties are diverse, and Aseel is keen on making this diversity a rich source for its platform through offering distinctive investment opportunities. This is done by acquiring ready and rented real estate with periodic returns that stimulate investment, and then exiting them within a specified period of time and distributing the returns.

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Aseel … Real estate investment made easy through opportunities with feasible returns.

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